Plymouth Government officials.

Office        Holder        Address       
Mayor Dororthy Petrosky 130 Davenport St, Plymouth, PA 18651
Council Chairman Charlie Lasinski 373 Harris St, Plymouth, PA 18651
Council Vice Chairman Frank Coughlin 13 Girard Ave, Plymouth, PA 18651
Councilman Carl Clem No Information
Councilman Ron Kobusky 634 Kuschke St, Plymouth, PA 18651
Councilman Tom McTague No Information
Councilman Al Petcavage 56 Academy St, Plymouth, PA 18651
Councilman Stan Scibeck No Information Available
Coordinator Joe Mazurk 114 Coal St, Plymouth, PA 18651

Laws of concern

Pennsylvania Sunshine Act

Items of Interest to Plymouth Borough

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December 2010 Agenda - PDF

Information on Plymouth Borough According to Luzerne County.

Gathered and compiled from public sources by Paul Gardner copyright 2010-2011